SOFIA (Support Of Female Improvising Artists) is an international program to support female jazz musicians in the field of musical improvisation and self-management. It‘s inspired by an American mentoring program called Sisters in Jazz, which was created for the advanced training of female jazz musicians. SOFIA has one additional component: It helps young female musicians sharpen their profile and supports networking as well as self-marketing. SOFIA reacts to the specific challenges which young improvising artists must meet these days and sees itself as a part of a newly awakened trend to improve promotion of young musicians (e.g. Take Five Europe). Due to its independent focus SOFIA is a pioneer project, which aims to have an impact in an international context.

For four days, six carefully selected musicians from Switzerland and Europe will attend workshops on such varied topics as booking, PR, music physiology, moderation, label work, copyright, and much more.


SOFIA is a sustainable project for promoting musicians at an early age. In order to achieve sustainability, SOFIA pursues a series of initiatives intended to yield benefits both now and in the future. SOFIA will take place every two years. In order to continually improve the project, photos and videos will be used to visually document the project. This documentary will be used as a basis for determining and evaluating the efficacy of individual modules. The evaluation will focus in particular on making possible improvements in the years ahead that SOFIA can profit from.